Classified Marking Training (SEC303)

IMPORTANT! You MUST have an account in our HR System in order to get credit for SEC303.
If you do not or are unsure, please contact your training coordinator, OAA, or manager.


Welcome to SEC303, Classified Marking Training. Thank you for taking the time to take this training. This course is designed to provide you with the fundamental rules for marking classified matter, which includes documents, cyber media and materials.

Marking classified can be confusing as there are specific requirements for specific types of classification. Remembering all the requirements can be challenging, especially if you do not mark on a regular basis. Important resources and job aids will be provided in this class to help you mark classified.

We will take a look at some examples, provide a few demonstrations, and give you a few exercises to apply the markings yourself. All examples in this course are unclassified and used for training purposes only. Please ensure the volume on your computer is turned on, so you can hear the narrated demonstrations.

General Navigation

To move around in SEC303 you need to use the navigation buttons WITHIN the course - not your browser's back and forward buttons. Using the browser's buttons could result in the loss of completed modules.

End-of-Course Test

At the conclusion of this training, a 20-question test must be passed to receive credit for this course. You must score an 80% or higher to pass. Feel free to take notes or print any resources and use them on the end-of-course test.

To begin the course, click on the blue "Begin" button in the right, bottom corner of this screen.



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