SEC180: Vault & Vault–Type Room (VTR) Training

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Welcome to SEC180, Vault and Vault-Type Room (VTR) Training.

This training is to provide VTR users, Manager of VTRs, and VTR Custodians with program requirements and responsibilities associated with these higher security facilities at Sandia National Laboratories.

A VTR is an area/facility designated for secure storage of classified matter. Access to vaults and VTRs must be strictly controlled and based on an appropriate security clearance and need to know. Persons without need to know and the appropriate security clearance must be escorted at all times.

A VTR may be used for open storage of classified matter when approved and the size of a VTR can vary from a small room to an entire building. SNL establishes VTRs due to the size and nature of the classified material, or for operational necessity, for storage because General Services Administration (GSA)-approved safe are unsuitable or impractical. All VTRs are controlled by a GSA approved lock and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to preclude unauthorized access.

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